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Aerial View from Visitor's Centre
Aerial View on boats from Visitor's Centre
Nature of Zasavica
A bird in Zasavica
A bird in Zasavica
Visitor's Centre View
Visitor's Centre View


All the information about the Special Nature Reserve of Zasavica can be found in the Headquarters of Nature Conservation Movement of Sremska Mitrovica which is in charge of this property.

Nature Conservation Movement is the oldest ecological nongovernmental organization in Serbia and Europe as well. The activities of the organization are connected with education and participation of citizens, especially the young ones, in the field of preserving and improving of natural values. Over the 40 years of its existence, Natural Conservation Movement has planted trees on 400.000 ha of waste land and a few million of seedlings in the cities, villages and parks. For such activities the NCM was awarded by the UN with: Global 500 Honour Roll.

For excellent results in the field of protection of Nature, the NCM of Sremska Mitrovica was given to manage the SNR Zasavica. It is the first nongovernmental organization in Serbia given to manage one protected nature property. In that way one of the basic assumptions of modern concept of managing through the cooperation with local people has been gained.

After the first three years of work the NCM of Sremska Mitrovica has successfully accomplished the programme for protection and development of the area, its presentation to the public, the cooperation with educational, scientific and expert institutions and it has provided the conditions for using this area through educational and other kinds of tourism.

Pokret gorana
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22000 Sremska Mitrovica

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