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Aerial View from Visitor's Centre
Aerial View on boats from Visitor's Centre
Nature of Zasavica
A bird in Zasavica
A bird in Zasavica
Visitor's Centre View
Visitor's Centre View


There are 180 bird species, 120 of which are the nesting ones such as:

  • moorcen (Gallinula chloropus),
  • little grebe (Podiceps ruficollis),
  • coot (Fulica atra),
  • great reed warbler (Accrocephalus arundinaceus),
  • little bittern (Ixobrychus minutus),
  • mallard (Anas platyrhychos),
  • quail (Coturnix coturnix),
  • white and black stork (Ciconia ciconia, Ciconia nigra),
  • bittern (Botaurus stellaris)
  • white-tailed eagle (Haliaetus albicilla)
  • marsh carrier (Circus aeruginosus)
  • kestrel (Falco tininculus)
  • swan (Cygnus olor)
  • lapwing (Vanellus vanellus)

For its ornithological values and especially for the presence of Nycticorax and Porzana porzana, Zasavica is on the list of Important Bird Areas (IBA).On the ten chosen localities some platforms have been there since 1998 in order to provide better nesting conditions. On about 20 artificially built platforms about 10 pairs, each with two young, have successfully nested so far.

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