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Aerial View from Visitor's Centre
Aerial View on boats from Visitor's Centre
Nature of Zasavica
A bird in Zasavica
A bird in Zasavica
Visitor's Centre View
Visitor's Centre View

Visitors’ centre

Vsitors’ Centre

The visitors’ centre is the central tourist site at the reserve. A wooden construction was built with an 18 meters high tower which overlooks a 300 ha meadow and the widest and most beautiful part of Zasavica stream. This facility also has a souvenir shop and two rooms with the total of seven beds, as well as two additional rooms. In front of it is a wooden pier which leads to the boats and the Umbra sightseeing boat that takes the tourists around the reserve.

Apart from the wooden facility, there is also a waterwheel as an additional tourist attraction. Other facilities include: “Bircuz kod dabra“ (Beaver’s Inn) and an ethno room with eaves which houses an ethnographic-historical exhibition of old household and farming implements and tools from the end of the 19 and the beginning of the 20 century.

The visitors have at their disposal a sanitary unit with toilets and showers inside, but there are also showers outside which can be used in the summer.

The “Bircuz kod dabra” offers the use of grill, grilling plate and cauldron for preparing food. Since recently there is also a parking lot for cars and buses in front of the Visitors’ Centre.

The entire area in question is open for visitors 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, since there is always a security employee to guard the facilities and welcome the visitors.

This is a place where tourists get the information they need about the reserve through lectures and information billboards (maps of the reserve, the greatest values of the reserve (photos of flora and fauna) and a board with a small entomological exhibition, as well as other accompanying elements).

Vila rustica romana

The second phase of the development of Tourism and education forsees the counstruction of the Visitor’s-Educational center covering an area of 300m2 of useful space in the form of an original architectural structure: Villa rustica romana (Roman village house).

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