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Meat Analysis

Analysis of Mangulitsa’s Meat

The expert opinion about the nutritious value of classical products of mangulitsa was done by the Institute for Hygiene and Medical Ecology of the Medical Faculty in Belgrade .

Pork has been unfairly disregarded compared with some other kinds of meat because of the prejudice that it contains more fat and cholesterol. However, compared with some other kinds of meat such as chicken or veal the parts of a pig without fat can contain lower amount calories, fat and cholesterol. On the other hand it has higher nutritious value: 100gr of fresh meat contain 15-20gr high quality proteins (40% of daily needs), it is one of the best sources of vitamin B, especially thiamin (50% of daily needs), pyridoxine (20% of daily needs), vitamin B12 (30% of daily needs) and iron (10% of daily needs). It is especially important for some categories such as children, pregnant women, women breastfeeding and all women in generative period prone to anemia where taking proteins, iron and vitamin B12 is essential for prevention.

Federal Secretariat for Labour, Health and Social Care demanded some research to be done in the Science Institute for Farming and Truck farming in Novi Sad . The research was done on 6 samples of most common products (neck, leg, pork chop, smoked ribs, bacon and fat) of mangulitsa pig.

Nutritious value of samples showed that 100gr of meat contained 14,99-21,84% of proteins, the percentage of fat in fresh meat was 13,44-33,25%, in smoked ribs it was 52,15% and in bacon 86,21%. Mangulitsa meat belongs to the kinds of meat containing higher amount of proteins compared with the samples taken from pigs from our area. The amount of proteins goes from 9,5-18,3gr with the exception of steak where it is 21,5gr.The average amount of fat in these very samples goes from 12,6-55,8gr with the exception of teak where it is 2,2gr. When cholesterol is in question the research showed following results: 42,5mg in pork chop, 45,07mg in leg, 47,36mg in neck.

Comparative values of average samples of pork taken from our area are 65-72mg and 58-95mg taken from Canadian area. It shows that the amount of cholesterol in mangulitsa meat is 50-75% lower compared with some other kinds of pigs. Comparison with some other kinds of meat shows following results: there are 60-89mg of cholesterol in 100gr of chicken meat and 65-70mg in veal.

The data taken from the American area are very similar – chicken meat contains 66-81mg and veal 59-76mg of cholesterol / 100gr of meat.

In conclusion, the analysis of mangulitsa meat shows that it contains rather high amount of proteins, acceptable amount of fat and that it belongs to the group of meat with lowest amount of cholesterol.

Signed by
Prof. dr. Jagoda Jorga
a specialist in feeding healthy and sick people

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