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Aerial View from Visitor's Centre
Aerial View on boats from Visitor's Centre
Nature of Zasavica
A bird in Zasavica
A bird in Zasavica
Visitor's Centre View
Visitor's Centre View

Important species

Zasavica is protected as a Special Nature Reserve in order to preserve natural currents and waterlands, habitats of diverse flora and fauna, some of which are rare and endangered.

There have been over 600 plant species recorded in this area so far. Most of the species are widely distributed, but there are also some rare and relic species, on the border of their disjunctive areals.

Especially significant are::

  • white and yellow waterlilies (Nymphaea alba, Nuphar luteum),
  • water soldier (Stratiotes aloides),
  • yellow floating heart (Nymphoides peltata),
  • marsh nettle (Urtica kioviensis) and
  • calamus (Acorus calamus)

The listed species are natural rarities, and together with Utricularia australis, Schoenoplectus triqueter and Centaurea sadlerana (endemic species of Panonia) are in the Red Data Book of Flora of Serbia. Recorded plant species compose various types of vegetation. The main characteristics of the vegetation of this area are rich and often monodominant associations of Stratiotes aloides. On the locality of the Valjevac pasture there has been recorded very rare and endangered swamp community of Acoro-Glyceretum maximae.

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